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Hammer Museum / March 21st - March 24th, 2013 / Thu & Fri 11am - 8pm / Sat & Sun 11am - 5pm / 10899 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles 90024

watch the time-lapse VIDEO of four days on the rug

Over the course of four marathon days, volunteers and museum visitors assist in the crocheting of discarded textiles into the traveling Domestic Integrities rug in the museum lobby. A display of edibles, medicinals, and herbals fresh from his Los Angeles garden, including offerings of produce and herbal tea infusions, is presented on the rug.

The rug of local textiles is a charged site for testing, performing, and presenting how we want to live. These spirally stitched circular rugs gradually expand as they travel from city to city. The European edition travelled to Budapest, London and Vienna before arriving at a year long installation at Pollinaria in Abruzzo, Italy. American editions started at Mildred’s Lane in Pennsylvania and the Broad Art Museum at MSU, arriving to the Hammer from MoMA in New York, before continuing to the deCordeva Museum, Walker Art Center and the Berkeley Art Museum.

Domestic Integrities surveys local and seasonal patterns and rituals of interior domestic landscapes, the way we use what we resourcefully find around us to thoughtfully make ourselves at home. Establishing a plant-animal-human trilogy with the Edible Estates (est. 2005) series of front yard food gardens and the Animal Estates (est. 2008) initiatives for urban wildlife architecture, Domestic Integrities turns it’s attention towards the interior environments of humans, and the ways in which local resources are digested into their dwellings.

Visitors are invited to bring their discarded and cleaned clothing, textiles, linens, towels, and sheets to contribute to the effort.


Assistant: Reid Ulrich

Curator: Allison Agsten

Curatorial assistant: Sohrab Mohebbi

Volunteer crocheters: Allison Agsten, Ariana Sopher, Debra Vilinsky, Sue Bell Yank, Krista Fold, Heather Allorker, Ciara Ennis, Dawn Kasper, Jill Stern, Giovanna Latis, Sherie Stark, Daniella Evangelista, Ida Ferdman, Mike Tauben, Kate Bergenon, Alex Bancroft, Susan Chin, Susan Schulman, Wendy Dembo, Rachelle Rojany, Danielle Rago, Robin Herbst, Xavier Lehen, Josephine Lihen, Otto Khera, Michael Conor, Grace Mi, Daylen Chiang, Charlotte King, Alexis Wilkinson, Jenni Scott, Christopher James, Sara Haider, Sarah Kuzal, Charlie Siskin, Meg Glasser, Amanda Evans, Philip Brack, Marywynn Ryan, Laszlo & Joel Stein, Josie & Claire Goldhirsh, Maritza L Yoes, Angela Gonzalez Hall, Ale Mcgrew, Kendy Rivera, Meryl Seward, Juliette Walker, Joaquin Estrada, Ella & Gavin & David Gardner, Snow Kahn, Evan Walsh, Sarajo Frieden, Brooke Kanter, Cleo Kanter, Gabrielle Messineo, Anna Lian Teo, Rebecca Halpern, Carrie Nusbaum, Garret Camilleri, Stan Bemis, Melanie Ciccone, Lillian Montalvo, Jamie Kantrowitz, Ara Katz, Keenan Hartsten, Suzy Mesmer, Lindsay August Salazar, Tim Phillips, Jenn Burford, Kit Burford, Rita Northrup, Ian Marshell, Luke Fishbeck, Sarah Rara, John Burtle

Special thanks: Charlie Siskin and Blake Bachman