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Project commissioned by MASS MoCA for the exhibition "The Believers" / with Yoshua Okon / April 26 - September 23rd, 2007

Plan B presents research on alternative and utopian communities from around the world, mostly from the 20th century. Each community was founded as a rejection of the predominate culture and society surrounding it.

These communities are depicted with images and located on the map of their home continent in the Dymaxion Projections slideshow. Detailed information on each of the communities may be found in the five continental binders presented in the Geodesic Den tent. In the center of the tent, visitors can cut and fold a Dymaxion map to create their own world to take home.

The Dymaxion map was patented by Buckminster Fuller in 1946. He developed the map both to diminish the distortion that comes with most global projections and to demonstrate our geographic proximities not evident in conventional western maps where the United States or Europe are always in the center.

Plan B represents the first small steps towards our planning of a new community. The research presented here will inform the process of planning and establishing this new community which will most likely be located somewhere in rural Mexico.

Support, research, planning & installation by Matthew Au / curated by Nato Thomson & Liz Thomas

Here's a video walk through of the installation