Domestic Integrities part A05, Walker Art Center, 2013

Domestic Integrities part A05, Walker Art Center, 2013

Now settled in rural work and life (seasonally from March to October) at the commune / farm / homestead / sanctuary / school / art project Salmon Creek Farm (PO Box 909, Albion, California 95410 and on Instagram). 



The Los Angeles Seminary for Embodied and Civic Arts, Sundown Schoolhouse, Los Angeles, June – August, 2014

Wildflowering L.A., Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) with Theodore Payne Foundation, Los Angeles, Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

Domestic Integrities part A06, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, California, part of The Possible, Jan – May 2014

Fritz Haeg: At Home in the City, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, exhibition and residency projects: Edible Estate #15 in the Woodbury, Foraging Circle in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Domestic Integrities A05 in the galleries, exhibition Aug 8 – Nov 24

Animal Estates 9.0, TAAK and the Port of Rotterdam: Portscapes 2, Rotterdam, 2013

Edible Estate #13, Israeli Digital Arts Center, Holon, Israel, 2013

Edible Estate # 14, Aarhus School of Architecture, Aarhus, Denmark, 2013

Wildflowering L.A., 2013-14

Wildflowering L.A., 2013-14

Domestic Integrities E02, Pollinaria, Abruzzo, Italy, 2012-13

Domestic Integrities A04, deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA, 2013

Domestic Integrities A03, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, 2013

Sundown Schoolhouse: At Home in LA, Human Resources, Los Angeles, 2013

Domestic Integrities A01, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2012

Domestic Integrities A02 MSU Broad Art Museum, East Lansing, 2012-13

Sundown Schoolhouse: Reading Lounge and Drop-In Center, LA Art Book Fair, Los Angele, 2013

Everton Park: Foraging Spiral & Basecamp, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, 2012

Sundown Schoolhouse of Queer Home Economics, Hayward Gallery, London, 2012

Detroit Methods: Art Collectives at Home, in the Commons, Wayne State University, Detroit, 2012

Edible Estate #12: Budapest, Blood Mountain Foundation, Budapest, 2012

Princeton Student Colony, Princeton University, Princeton, 2012

Animal Estates London HQ: Urban Wildlife Client Services,Arup Phase 2, London, 2011-12

Edible Estate #11: Istanbul,  SALT Beyoğlu, Istanbul, 2011