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  • What a dream come true. This will be so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your life and your vision. What an inspiration. I hope to visit someday. I used to be an archivist at a record company. I wish I could be involved in archiving this project, but I live in the foothills.

      • I am responding after a brief review of your notice on my EAT permaculture list-serve. An organic gardener since the 70s, an activist, house painter and carpenter’s assistant, and lifelong aspiring potter … many other labels I could attach (currently a zoning administrator, videographer, previous radio producer, non-profit administrator, etc., etc.)

        I raised five children as a single parent, supporting ourselves through alternative community-based education,craft-based micro-enterprises, barter, and working on local organic farms here in central Vermont where I still make my home. We came close to relocating to Mendocino in the early 90s in one of our searches for intentional cooperative community, but decided to return to our unintentional community where we already made our home with a strong network of friends.

        At first glance, the care-taking position seems ideal for me, now that my five adult children live west of the Rockies, all but one on the West Coast–L.A. and S.F. (My youngest–a musician, actor, teacher of arial arts & dance–recently moved to Durango Colorado.)

        I look forward to hearing back from you, to engage in a dialogue about what may be possible and most desirable.


        “Here’s a wonderful opportunity for someone to caretake land for a community of artists and craftspeople!”


      • Hey – wondered if you could drop me an email on Alex [dot] tiwa [at] gmail – UK journalist here hoping to stop by in Sept/Oct

        Many thanks ! Alex

  • Hello, my family and I are interested in coming to visit and see if this could be a good fit for us. I am a native of Albion, alumni of the Albion Whale School on Table Mountain. My husband, Todd Cinnamon and daughter Izabella (5yrs) are looking for conscious permaculture farm/commune to raise a milking cow and live in harmony with nature. We are currently living up Albion Ridge and would love to come and meet with you.
    Be well,
    Lavender Grace Cinnamon

  • Hello Fritz, I would love to send you my info regarding the position. I learned about it through a permaculture and artist friend who has worked with you, it seems like a wonderful bastion for creativity and connection, something I would love to help to care for and build. If you send me a message, I can give you my resume, etc. Thank you!

  • Hi Fritz,

    This is a fantastic project!!!

    It was brought to my attention by Theo Tegelaers in Amsterdam.

    I’m Floris Schönfeld, an artist and filmmaker currently based in London and Amsterdam. From 2010 to 2012 I studied at CCA in San Francisco where I worked with Amy Balkin and Ted Purves. Also spent some time at the Headlands after that.

    From that time onwards I have been working on an extended project called the Damagomi Project which deals with alternative ways of communicating with the natural world. The project focuses on the Damagomi group: a group of spiritualists and academics that was active in Northern California from the 1920s until the late 1970s. They were exploring new ways of communication between humans and nature. You can read more about the project
    here: http://www.florisschonfeld.com/cn59zjap3uhgdxu61dwh5wzgxnyffb
    and here: http://nestruimte.nl/en/now

    As part of the project I have done a number of reenactments of Damagomi Group experiments which involve working with groups of volunteers on various historically relevant location in California. We have worked in Big Sur on Partington Ridge and on at the Druid Heights intentional community near Muir woods. As a next step I am looking to hold a longer reenactment of a few weeks to a month at a location in Northern California. This would involve a group of up to 10 participants that live and work on the location. I find it very important that this would take place within and be of part of a larger working communal living environment. I would be looking for an active community that we could join for the time of the project and that we could contribute to in the process in both practical and ideological sense. Salmon Creek would seem to be an ideal spot for us in this regard.

    The project is currently funded by the Mondriaan fund here in the The Netherlands so we are relatively self-sufficient and could contribute to the Salmon Creek project in terms of putting in time and resources into collective goals that you and other people have during the duration of our stay. Like I said we are looking for a community to be a part of for the project. In terms of time frame I am looking towards September or October of this year but we can be relatively flexible.

    I hope this is a way of reaching you as I assume you are not checking email and other forms of communication. If there is a way of discussing this further it would be great. You can reach me at fschonfeld@cca.edu

    Thanks so much and keep up the good work!


  • Hi, Fritz. I hope you see this message. I’m writing you from Brazil, I just read about Salmon Creek Farm and became really anxious to talk to you. Actually, it’s weird, but I’m probably the only one here who read ‘West of Eden: communes and utopia in Northern California’, and I’m pretty sure Cal Winslow mentions Salmon Creek Farm in it. Bought a copy in Mendocino last year.
    It’s been almost 3 years now since I fell in love with this little slice of the planet, and I have plans to spend 2 months there in the fall. I’m searching for nice people and a nice place to stay. I Think I found both now. I’m a novelist (with no novels translated in english yet, but you can find me in Granta – Best of Young Brazilian Novelists and in a McSweeneys anthology of Latin America short stories, published last year). I’m also a big enthusiast of architecture and urbanism (and I can’t describe what I felt when I saw your geodesic dome, at least not in english).
    Well, I don’t know if you’re thinking about long term stays in Salmon Creek Farm, and probably you’ve already got a lot of people who are potentially interested to stay there and learn, work, live and do some exchange with you and other artists. But I hope I can contribute with this huge project of yours.
    Best regards,
    Carol Bensimon

  • Hello,
    I commented on the instagram feed and just wanted to offer up any help I could / love to see the farm when Im out your way in the next couple of weeks. My name is Rob and my instagram handle is shelter collective. My wife is teaching at the sprint weavers gathering at camp Navarro in a couple of weeks and I have a few empty days on my hands. We’re coming in from Asheville NC. If I can be any help just let me know.
    -Rob M

  • Hello Fritz,

    I run the Buckminster Fuller Institute. I wold like to be in touch about a project we are doing.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks,

    Elizabeth Thompson

  • My father was murdered in 76 while living at the ranch, my mother left him after the war when she was carrying me my sister was around 6 years old, I never met him and she doesn’t remember much. Several years ago she flew out there for a week and visited the ranch and. Ontacted some folks and took some photos, that is all I have ever seen. She made contact with a Berkley professor who had stayed with them and wrote a book about those days, we have it, in the book he is called manfred. I have a great old pic of them sitting around a fire at night at the ranch. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hello Fritz,

    I am moving to the Fort Bragg/Mendo area and discovered your instagram a while ago. I was curious if there is any way that I could help y’all out with any projects that you have over the next couple of months. It would be really wonderful to connect with some like-minded folks in the area, contribute my skills, and learn more about this project. We can discuss details further in future correspondence. I will be in the area as of August. I admire all the hard work that you are doing and can’t wait to see it in person. Thank you so much for your time. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Becca Raettig

  • Hi Fritz,

    I am a visual artist living in the urban isle of Manhattan (nyc). In my artist’s residency seven years ago, I became smitten by the Northern Coast of California and periodically find reasons to make my way back there. I have fallen in love with many a tide pool and made a failed attempt to see the Candelabra trees of Shady Dell. I am curious about Salmon Creek Farm and how artists are getting involved.

    (I recently saw Wim Wenders’ documentary about Sebastiao Selgado. It reiterated the sentiment that connecting to, evolving with and giving back to nature is essential.)

    I look forward to your response.

    All best,
    Rachel Bernstein

  • […] Now, as owner of the 35-acre parcel in remote northern California that was once home to the Salmon Creek Farm commune, he’s interested in “the DNA of urbanization and how we self-organize.” […]

  • Hi Fritz,

    Thank you again for your response to my Airbnb query; as suggested, getting in touch via your site.

    My partner and I would love to arrange an extended visit in one of the cabins to work on our projects. If this is a possibility, ideally for the month of January, please let me know, otherwise, we’d be very happy to visit for a shorter time.

    Would love to be a part of the community, really inspired by Salmon Creek Farm and your efforts to restore and create.

    Very best,


  • Hey Fritz, Eric from Hipcamp here, great to get in touch with you! Would love to chat a bit more about how we can potentially work together. Perhaps I could even come up for a visit next week if you’re open to it! What is the best email or phone number to reach you on?

  • Hi

    I am visiting California in January and I would love to come and help for a week or maybe 10 days. Is that possible?
    I am good with woodwork, gardening and general building duties.

  • Just took in the NYT article and slideshow and wanted to hopefully, helpfully and not too presumptuously note that looking at the photo of the redwoods my immediate thought was those need to be thinned. Oh and I’m NOT a forester or particularly knowledgeable about redwood culture.
    Best of luck with your project! Beautiful!

  • Hello Fritz… I am one of the founders of The Farm community in Tennessee in 1971, where I was the chief architect. I am an artist, engineer and solar designer/builder. I am currently living in Comptche (about ten miles from you) where I am helping my daughter and son-in-law remodel their house on 11 acres to upgrade it before selling… they have purchased a beautiful home on 77 acres in Sam’s Valley, Oregon (where I usually live). I will be here for the next couple of months… would it be possible to come meet you and view your project?

  • Hi Fritz;
    A friend brought you to my attention through the recent NY Times publication – I am 84 having left the urban life to be close to nature 47 years ago on my 400 acre ranch half way between Willits and Fort Bragg along the Skunk Train line.

    I would like to meet you as I am trying to establish a similar community on my place. You can see me – Charles Bello New York Times or Savetrees.org.

  • On Saturday, August 20th, from 2-6 p.m., Mendocino county’s Fortunate Farm will be hosting Within Reach: Composting Isolation, Cultivating Connection. Join us for an afternoon of locally crafted snacks, queer-, trans- and feminist- farmer films, and sustainable living skillsharing for North Coast LGBTQ folks and friends.

    This is a free event. And we invite you to bring any fresh produce, seeds or starts from your gardens to share.

    For more information, please contact: laydenwithfruit@gmail.com

    Fortunate Farm is located at
    15401 North Highway One
    Caspar, CA 95420