August, Wyatt, Brandon, Dan and Noah experimenting with the new knits in the garden

August, Wyatt, Brandon, Dan and Noah experimenting with the new knits in the garden

…was a fun and helpful first step in figuring out this new series of interlocking triangular panels – combo cape/caftan/Parangolés/scarf/shawl/vestment/wrap – to be worn in public formations, more pictures here.



the tiny spartan Carnegie Hall studio apartment bed of Bill Cunningham

…is in now in theatrical release, coinciding with my my short U.S. visit, which was welcome news since it is the film that I have been waiting for months to see – so off to the local Portland theater (the ‘Living Room,’ where the audience tucks into a full-on dinner while watching the movie, which I suppose is only slightly more tolerable than the typical noisy popcorn?) – and what a super story about a super fascinating man full of contradictions – his modest reclusive austerity versus the outrageous gregarious extravagance of the clothing of international fashion, street and society circles that consume him. (film website)




On January 30th, 2011, TWO BEARDED FRIENDS…

AA (beard left), Paolo (holding a mossy rock), and Angelo (beard right) on the rooftop garden terrace

…artist A.A. Bronson and Sicily-based fashion writer Angelo Flaccavento, plus beardless Roman artist Paolo W. Tamburella, came over for a cozy home-cooked meal of barley lentil vegetable minestrone this afternoon on the occasion of A.A.’s last minute visit from Paris for last night’s AltaRoma event organized by Angelo.



uniform piece by Giulia Piscitelli from the Rischi Minori exhibition at Fondazione Giuliani

…is one of the best Italian street fashions around these days (since much of what we see the Romans wearing is so conservative, subtle, elegant, restrained, and even conformist – except when they are out jogging and exercising in one of the many treasured private-villa-estates-turned-public-parks, like Villa Doria Pamphilj or Villa Borghese, in which case they bust out with some extraordinary lycra looks) worn by all sorts of mostly-men utility and construction workers – which I am reminded of tonight at the opening of Giulia Piscitelli’s new show ‘Rischi Minori‘ at Testaccio’s newish Fondazione Giuliani where she presented a series of such uniforms which felt like a tribute to these everyday workers.


On January 8th, 2011, ‘DO ASK, DO TELL’ BY LISA ANNE AUERBACH…

'Do Ask, Do Tell,' 100% Merino Wool, Dimensions: 8 x 56 inches, Edition of 85 by Lisa Anne Auerbach

…is the new knitted scarf by the L.A. artist (see her website) who has been including provocative political messages (like ‘Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition‘ or ‘When There’s Nothing Left to Burn, You’ve Got to Set Yourself on Fire) into the sweaters, skirts and other knitted creations she wears herself – often while biking around town (see her quote about L.A. at the end of my recent piece for Frieze) – but this piece will be editioned by the Hammer Museum (for purchase here) – igniting conversation where ever it is worn…

Do Ask, Do Tell celebrates conversation. Though the obvious reference is the policy on gays serving openly in the US military, the text can also be read as a proclamation about openness in general. When worn in public, it invites dialogue and discussion.
An antidote to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is Do Ask Do Tell. Counter secrecy with openness. Collapse discord through discussion. Ask a lot of questions. Talk back. Bring a voice into the conversation, change a mind or have yours changed. Do Ask Do Tell!

(She is the only person, by the way, to have contributed to both the Sundown Salon book, and the Edible Estates book)


On January 4th, 2011, DULLDIAMOND…

baby hand (my nephew?) reaching for some dullDiamond merch

…is the evocative name of the just inaugurated online shop of the handmade and eclectic goods whose inventory will constantly shift based on the whims of those doing the making: my sister Emily & her friend Jen. (dullDiamond website)

Hello we’re Emily and Jen <<<< AKA dullDiamond >>>> Two friends who happen to be mothers who like to make things. All goods in the shop are handmade by us and for now we’re featuring beaded jewelry and ceramics. This project has no expectations or boundaries….which means it is all funfunfun for us. What we make for the shop will depend on what we feel like making- that’s a good thing.

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favorite sock/shoe combo for winter 2010

…but they are really way more than just socks – are my preferred provisional method for keeping feet and ankles warm while wearing my only decent pair of shoes – comfortable, though slightly inadequate  – and yet I kind of like the look, they almost seems like too-short leg-warmers.

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On December 23rd, 2010, TAVI GEVINSON…

Tavi Gevinson in the New Yorker

…is the 13 year old suburban midwestern fashionista who has taken the style world by storm with her Style Rookie blog – and today (day #2 in bed with the achy Influenza Romana) I am finding out more about her in an old September issue of the New Yorker that was laying around the American Academy – and here is the quote that explains why this self-posessed blogger born in 1997 – who dyes her hair grey and can appear at times to be a little old lady from behind – is so refreshing…

“In my opinion, the most interesting fashion is the Anti-Fashion. No rules, no restrictions, no normalcy, no pleasing anyone. . . . I might only be less attracted to the entire ‘chic’ deal because, as a younger person, I do gravitate more towards tackier clothes. That being said, I’m twelve! I have no one to impress and I’m not concerned about wearing something flattering to my body. I will dress as ugly and crazy as I want as long as I’m still young enough to get away with it. Suckerssss.”

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On September 30th, 2010, BILL CUNNINGHAM…

Bill Cunningham outside the Rick Owens show at Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris

…is my favorite sight here in Paris, spotted in his standard blue smock spotting noteworthy fashion moments outside of all of the shows seeming to embody the joy of contemporary street fashion in it’s purest form – so I look forward to seeing the recent documentary on him, and hey, he was awarded the title chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture. (more information on Wikipedia)

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On August14th, 2010, ROPE SANDALS…

rope sandals from Gurkees

…that I have worn everyday for the past few months are super comfortable, compostable, and gradually conforming to the contours of my feet over time – are my new favorite footwear of all time – which I originally purchased at the Opening Ceremony store in L.A., and though they were only $30, they seemed somehow exotic, and everywhere I went people I passed on the street were always commenting on them (especially moms with their teenage daughters – “look honey, what cute sandals!”) – until a quick visit to Tulsa a few weeks ago to do a talk – where it turns out that they are made  and you can even find them in almost any drug store. (you can order them here)

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On July 11th, 2010, BERNARD WILLHELM…

the presentation of Bernard Willhelm's Spring Summer 2011 collection

…is a designer that I have always been a big fan of – and the recent presentation of his Spring-Summer 2011 menswear collection featured leaf-blowers, foam, and cruisey internet photos. (see video)

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"How Low Can You Go?" by Sameer Reddy in T Magazine

…are featured in New York Times T Magazine, only reaffirming my recent obsession with loose, free-flowing, low-crotch-ed pants – recently noted in my Thai Fisherman Pants post here - this is all I want to wear right now, and I am looking forward to experimenting on the sewing machine with all of the various varieties, styles, and possibilities. (webpage)

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Meryl Streep arriving at the 2010 Oscars dressed by Project Runway's Chris March

…looks just great – like a superhero’s mom from the future.

This is from an interview with QueerSighted:

She was a fan of mine during season four of Project Runway. She actually was a guest of mine at my finale show. Then recently, for the Golden Globes, she called and asked if I would make her a dress, and it went really well and she was on a bunch of best-dressed lists, so I guess she decided to go with me again. So that’s kinda how it started.

She’s so sweet, and helpful and unassuming. You’re there with the biggest star in the world that there is, and she’s just funny and nice and down-to-earth, easy to get along with. She’s very patient. As you can imagine, she’s been in thousands of costume fittings, so she’s very good at being fit. She’s really sweet.

This is really the first time I’ve ever made anything for the red carpet, and it just happened to be for Meryl Streep. Awards season is kind of new to me, so we’ll see. Maybe Meryl Streep needs more things throughout the year, and I’ll certainly be happy to work with her.


On February 25th, 2010, CASUAL PROFANITY…

…is something that my brother is up to – check out the fluid garments! (website)

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On February 11th, 2010, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, 1969-2010…

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010

…so sad, especially looking at his last show: Spring/Summer 2010 show. (video)

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On February 7th, 2010, J’APPROVE BY K8 HARDY…

K8 Hardy launches J'Approve

…is a new fashion collection that I just heard about in an announcement from K8, “an outcome of a project curated by Travis Boyer called MFT, or My Favorite Things, for JF & Son” that will launch with a day long performance on Wednesday, February 17th, from 12-8pm at 19 Kenmare in New York, and being a fan of her Fashionfashion, and loving how she “uses and abuses” fashion, I am looking forward to seeing her latest fashion aggressions, abuses, celebrations, mutations, and offenses. (more at and JF & Son)


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On January 28th, 2010, THAI FISHERMAN PANTS…

My blue linen Thai Fisherman Pants that I am wearing everyday

…are my daily uniform (because they are super comfortable plus they can be customized for the day depending on how they are wrapped and tied around the waist, or rolled up at the bottom) since buying a few pairs in New York in September – but soon I will have the sewing skills to make my own out of what ever fabric comes my way.

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