On August 22nd, 2011, GRAND APPETIT…

Grand Appetit, Paris

…the simple casual homey delicious macrobiotic Marais cafe established in 1980, where you feel like you are dropping by your very cool exotic earthy French aunt and uncle’s place for a fresh vegan homemade lunch (bus your own dishes!) – is my Parisian culinary salvation at whose front door I was hungrily waiting at noon today for them to finally re-open from the August holiday – to dine on a nourishing plate of beans and grains and fresh vegetables – yum – now to be my Paris Souen, the place I have a hard time not eating every meal at when in NYC.


On August 10th, 2011, TAO FOODS…

the central open kitchen at Minneapolis' Tao Foods

…the wood-lined, screen-doored, toybox-equiped, homey health food store and cafe dating from the early 1970’s on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis is often our place of choice for morning nephew meetings and this morning it is the divine simple vegetable rice plate made freshly in front of me in the sunny central open kitchen by nice guys in cool hats and white aprons.

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Antto preparing food to be solar-cooked behind the Triennale Design Museum

…a collaboration between Catalan designer Martí Guixé and Finnish food visionary Antto Melasniemi (the two fellows I was in conversation with at yesterday’s Domus conversation on food for the Urban Futures series) – was SO lucky today with the intensely warm spring Milanese sun we had beating down on us, and cooking the food with such theatrical style in 5 bright shiny parabolic dishes that were constantly being shifted to follow the rays. (website)



veggie plate at Ficcin is a little different every day!

…are my two favored food places in town – both serving delicious inexpensive basic vegetarian/vegan friendly Turkish plates that I hear approximate what your Turkish mom would have made for you if you grew up here – and since Ficcin has become popular since it started out as a tiny hole in the wall it has slowly taken over other little spaces on the little street off İstiklal Caddesi – so it seems that there are about 7 different dining environments to choose from – plus it is right next to the new SALT Beyoğlu, which is why we are there every day for lunch – and tonight it was Helvetia Lokanta with artists Nina, Robin, and Can – all preparing work for the SALT opening on Friday.


On April 1st, 2011, BALKAN LOKASI…

market workers line up at Balkan Lokantasi

…the hazır yemek “ready food” restaurant off of İstiklal Caddesi is where I went to lunch today, which I happened upon during my last visit – basic really inexpensive Turkish food that is very vegan friendly, plus it seemed to be where all of the market workers were eating (which is a good sign, since my typical tastes tend away from elaborate dining experiences – instead appreciating any culinary tradition rooted in peasant austerity – like most Italian food for example), and though I wasn’t sure if my recent allegiance was misplaced due to some foreigner naiveté – this afternoon it was validated by the lunch-time line out the door, and today: chick pea soup, okra, eggplant…


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On January 10th, 2011, DE BOLHOED IN AMSTERDAM…

view out of De Bolhoed across Prinsengracht, with requisite biker speeding by

…(‘bowler’s hat’ in Dutch, since it used to be a hat shop) is the rare organic vegan restaurant in this town in the land of dairy, which was a prized find (for this vegan) on my last visit a few months ago – a cozy place with lots of plants, views of the canal, a resident cat, and a relaxed decor that seems to have been around since the 1970’s, on Prinsengracht – where I enjoyed lunch today…and then later…dinner – with Fantastic Man Gert and husband Rob, before taking a late train to Rotterdam.

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On July 7th, 2010, CARNITAS MICHOACAN…

a detailed view of the Carnitas Michoacan color scheme involving the adjacent trees

…the Mexican restaurant apparently involving lots of meats (which, being vegan, I have never had the occasion to visit) at the corner of South Avenue 19 and North Broadway, which I always pass on my way to downtown Los Angeles – but for the first time today I really appreciated – has an exuberantly painted caution yellow and bright maroon facade that encompasses all of the objects and trees that happen to surround it.

By Fritz Haeg on July 7, 2010 | Los Angeles
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Bistrotheque's Studio East Dining Architecture by Carmody Groarke

…opened a few days ago on a rooftop overlooking the construction site of London’s Olympic Park…

Bistrotheque‘s Studio East Dining, 16 JUNE – 4 JULY 2010,
London’s most amazing rooftop dining experience; Bistrotheque opens a 3 week temporary dining room, and pavilion designed by Carmody Groarke, perched 35m atop Westfield Stratford City’s 1.9 million sq ft site, overlooking the Olympic Stadium and Zaha Hadid’s 2012 Aquatics Center. A fast build with a life span of just 3 weeks, weighing 70 tons, it is constructed from hired materials borrowed from the existing construction site, including: 2000 scaffolding boards, 3500 scaffolding poles, and reclaimed timber, used to create the walls and floors of the 800 square metre dining space. The cladding material which encases the roof, is a semi-translucent membrane, using industrial grade heat retractable polyethylene, all returned to the site afterwards and recycled without any waste.



vegetables from Cha-Ya Restaurant

…is where I am having dinner tonight before heading back to L.A. – my favorite place to eat in the Bay Area (762 Valencia St.@ 19th Street in the Mission, but there is also one in Berkeley), everything is so fresh and beautifully presented, and being vegan I become completely overwhelmed by the six page menu describing all of the amazing things I can  order – today it’s vegetables with buckwheat soba noodles in a really thick curry broth. (website)

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On March 10th, 2010, SOUEN…

The Macro Plate at Souen

…is where I am at for lunch (the one at Prince & Sixth Avenue, though the one on 13th Street & University is equally good, but more crowded and less calm) – and if I had my way, where I would be for EVERY meal when I am in New York – and since I am vegan, and don’t eat pasta, bread or even tofu, this place is my food mecca – with really simply prepared macrobiotic dishes of  fresh vegetables and grains, and even though I try to be adventurous, I usually just end up getting the Macro Plate – Hijiki, beans, squash, broccoli, kale, and grain of the day with carrot or Miso sauce – which seems to be I all I ever want or need to eat (I even try to recreate it at home) – here is more info from their website:

Since 1971, Souen has been offering natural organic food to New York diners, with the foremost priority being to serve delicious meals in keeping with good health. We prepare our food simply and naturally, offering you the best quality grains, beans, and produce. No refined, chemicals, preservatives, meat or dairy products are used in our kitchen. We also employ traditional methods of preparation whenever possible to enhance the healthful quality and natural flavor of our food. With the increasing awareness of the connection between food, health and the environment, we continue our consistent effort to maintain and improve upon our high standards and Macrobiotic principles.

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