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2014 NEWS: Announcing THE LOS ANGELES SEMINARY FOR CIVIC AND EMBODIED ARTS, a re-launch and return of regular/seasonal enrollment programming to the Los Angeles home-base for a twelve week summer session.

SUNDOWN SCHOOLHOUSE is an evolving educational environment founded in 2006 by artist Fritz Haeg as the series of Sundown Salon gatherings (est. 2000) concluded at his Los Angeles geodesic home. Early Schoolhouse programs in the dome included book clubs, yoga classes, and the inaugural 12-week fall 2006 session. The Schoolhouse was itinerant from 2007 to 2012, functioning at times as the personal school of chief student Fritz Haeg. Programming guided by his curiosities and housed in a series of dome tent environments where local artists and experts lead workshops, classes and seminars around particular themes and topics. Programs in the first year ranged from an entire season ofThe Philadelphia Training Camp for Expression Skills at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, to the one-day Dancing 9 to 5 workshops at the Whitney Museum in New York. In 2008 the programs focused on edible gardening and urban wildlife with San Francisco Animal Lessons at SFMoMA, Utrecht Animal Lessons at Casco in Utrecht, How To Eat Austin at Arthouse in Austin, and Guided Estate Tours and Animal Drills at the 2008 Whitney Biennial. In 2009 A Library for the Future was initiated online and Practicing Moving transformed the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock in Los Angeles into an open practice hall for movement, followed by The Aldrich Workshops, part of the exhibition Something For Everyone at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in 2010. The Schoolhouse pitched it's dome on the roof of London's Hayward Gallery for a month in 2012 for Sundown Schoolhouse of Queer Home Economics welcoming the local LGBT community for an intense series of daily programs focused on queer domestication. And in 2013 Sundown Schoolhouse returned home to Los Angeles with installations at the LA Art Book Fair and Human Resources (At Home in L.A.) leading up to the re-launch of regular seasonal enrollment programming at its home base in Summer 2014 with Los Angeles Seminary for Embodied and Civic Arts.


CREDITS: Practicing Moving {2009} Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA / photography by Eve Fowler / projects by Bodycity and videos by Jacinto Astiazarán / movement sessions with Bodycity (Katie Bachler, Madeline Baugh, Ali Hyman, Christina Paul, Lake Sharp, Meagan Yellott), Krysten Cunningham, Sara Daleiden, Maya Gingery, Alexis Hyman, Hana van der Kolk, Nancy Popp, Jeremy J. Quinn and Sara Wookey / Utrecht Animal Lessons {2008} Casco Office of Theory, Design and Art, Utrecht, The Netherlands / animal experts: Anko de Graaf / Jelle Jellesma / Tieneke de Groot / Marja Kik / Annemarieke Spitzen / San Francisco Animal Lessons {2008} SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA / animal experts: Michelle Koo, California Academy of Sciences / Allen Fish, Golden Gate Raptor Observatory / Alan S. Hopkins, Past President of Golden Gate Audubon Society / Ann Bauer, The Marine Mammal Center. workshop leaders: Teree Parker & Taira Restar, Anna Halprin's Sea Ranch Collective / Alice Wu & Moriah Carlson, Feral Childe / Carson Bell, California Library of Natural Sounds / Kendyll Naomi Pappas & Eugenie Howard-Johnston, 826 Valencia / Guided Estate Tours {2008} Whitney Museum, New York, NY (2008 biennial exhibition) leaders: Deborah Simon / Erica Browne / Jeremy Feinberg / Elizabeth Johnson / Emily Lacy / Margaret Mittelbach / Michael Crewdson / Damon Rich / Eric Sanderson / K8 Hardy / Jennifer Monson / Emily Scott / Animal Scores {2008} Whitney Museum, New York, NY (2008 biennial exhibition) dancers/choreographers: Flora Wiegmann / Jmy Leary / Paige Gratland / Daniel Linehan / Levi Gonzalez / Michael Helland / Kayvon Pourazar / Felicia Ballos / Anna Sperber / Layla Childs / Jennifer Monson / Alex Escalante How to Eat Austin {2007} Arthouse, Austin, TX / George Altgelt / Patty Leander / Martha Cason / Andrew Smiley, Sustainable Food Center / Book Club - Planet of the Humans {2007}Los Angeles, CA / leaders: Maria Lepowsky / Robby Herbst / Ashwani Vasishth / Marc Herbst / Deena Capparelli & Claude Wiley / Mark Allen / Sara Roberts / Philadelphia Training Camp for Expression Skills {2007} Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art / Samantha Barrow / Sam Miller / Emily Abendroth / Jonah Bokaer / Beth Nixon, Ramshackle Enterprises / Emily Spivack / Nicole Barrick / Thomas Devaney / Ginger Brooks Takahashi / Dancing 9-5 {2007} Whitney Museum, New York, NY / organized by: frank smigiel / dancers: Felicia Ballos Olive Bieringa, Alex Escalante, DD Dorvillier, Levi Gonzalez, Paige Gratland, Michael Helland, Daniel Linehan, Juliette Mapp, Jennifer Monson, Kayvon Pourazar, Otto Ramstad, Robbinschilds, Flora Wiegmann / video by: a.l. steiner / Yoga in the Dome {2006-07} Los Angeles, CA / teacher: Qusai Kathawala / students: Jen Hofer / trevor Watson / Justin Gier / Anne McKnight / Miya Osaki / Gabriela Jauregui / Steve Appleton / Hannah Regier / Roopa Shenoy / Alex Forman / Alyssa Gorelick Renee Perdomo / Full Fall Session {2006} Los Angeles, CA / students: Katie Bachler / Devin Browne / Pablo Cavero / Sarah Cole / Tracy Dishman / Qusai Kathawala / Michael Parker / Alia R. / Mark Rodriguez / teachers: Mark Allen / Lisa Anne Auerbach / Deena Capparelli / Aaron Gach / Malik Gaines / Marc Herbst / Robby Herbst / Qusai Kathawala / Maria Lepowsky / Carol McDowell / Eileen Myles / Yoshua Okon / Damon Rich / Sara Roberts / Emily Roysdon / Emily Scott / Hana van der Kolk / Flora Wiegmann / Claude Willey / Rosten Wo / Andrea Zittel